Volume Four: Courage, Community, Creativity

We Will Lead Africa Volume Four: Courage, Community, Creativity is a Griot Volume.

Available on Amazon in kindle and paperback on May 25, 2024.

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Courage, Community, Creativity is the fourth volume of the We Will Lead Africa (WWLA) series. It is a WWLA Griot volume, curated out of the experience and writings of the second WWLA Griot Masterclass cohort. This cohort recognized that everyday African leadership requires the courage to lead with curiosity and compassion, the empowerment and support of a community, and the creativity to blend the wisdom of our ancestry with a vision for the future.

In the community of everyday WWLA leaders, the masterclass introduced Griots, from countries across the African continent and the diaspora, to the WWLA method for telling and documenting personal leadership stories, which centers everyday leadership. The result is a volume of 23 stories and a closing pledge, from 12 masterclass participants along with their 12 oríkìs (Yoruba-inspired personal praise poetry) and 12 submitted stories. This rendition boasts a foreword by the incredible curator and proofreader who also served as an editor for this volume, Michelle Mocumbi. Michelle’s art also graces the cover of the volume, as another symbolic act of courage to put our leadership gifts, in all their forms, out into the world.

Contributors are:

We Will Lead Africa Griots 2023

  1. Mamedjarra Bousso Diop
  2. Enobong Etuk
  3. Maryam Oluwakemi Funmilayo*
  4. Chinelo Iwegim*
  5. Boingotlo Kemmonye Keutlwetse
  6. Filomena Mairosse*
  7. Iva Carla Pedro Monteiro
  8. Sharon Munyaka*
  9. Gregory Mwangi Ngahu
  10. Prudence Nkomo
  11. Mujidah Ajibola Oladejo
  12. Ayori Selassie

Additional Contributors

  1. Lélio Josimar de Aristides Adriano
  2. Abidemi Fasanmi
  3. Mary Gerges
  4. Syllona Kanu
  5. Helena Musandu
  6. Kondwani Mwase
  7. Anne Pratt
  8. Reginah Sanyu
  9. René Sparks
  10. Banesa Molauoa Tseki & Anesu Mbizvo
  11. Richard Vedelago
  12. Aminata Wurie

* Served as griot peer editors for the masterclass submitters.