Open Call for Submission

We are always open to receiving great everyday African leadership stories. We will receive and acknowledge your submission and when we have enough submissions for a volume we curate one

Who will lead Africa?

Forward, onward, fully into the land of its potential.

To the realization of the blossoming dream of prosperity held by so many, for so long, throughout this place we call home.

Again I ask, Who Will Lead Africa?

You, for who Africa runs in your veins, your consciousness, your very being. You, in all your colours, shades and hues, whose heart beats with the drumbeat of Africa. Who find home in the intermingling sounds of earth, animals and peoples communicating all at once; who know that the sky is broader, and the sun bigger when viewed from African soil. Who bursts with joy and passion when you arrive in an African country, greeted with contradictions and cohabitations.

This, is an African town crier’s call to you, yes YOU.

You feel the groundswell of those that want to be part of the change. You know that transformation is happening, every day, in big and small ways. You are in action, working towards the prosperity of the continent.

You, the practitioners, business and community leaders, educators and entrepreneurs… everyday leaders, in every sector.

This call, this opportunity, is for you.

We believe in the power of storytelling, an inherent part of African culture, as a powerful tool for imagining, sparking and driving progress. And as a way to inspire more change and shape the futures we want.

Join #WeWillLeadAfrica. Tell your story of action, change and transformation.

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