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On 25 May Africa Day 2017, we launched our first collection – capturing the inspirational stories of 30 everyday African leaders who are doing extraordinary things. We now have two We Will Lead Africa: Volumes available on

Our Vision: Africans owning and leading our narratives.

Our Mission: Creating platforms for sharing and inspiring everyday African leadership through storytelling.

We will continue to work towards our mission in two ways:

  1. Curating and sharing the stories of everyday African leaders who are making real impact on the progress of the continent.
  2. Convening networks of everyday African leaders who gather in their communities to share, learn and inspire each other to continue taking actions for a prosperous Africa.

We see the primary identity of all who join the We Will Lead Africa movement as Griots – capturing and preserving our leadership stories to inspire continued action toward building a more prosperous Africa. We take seriously the great proverb popularized by Chinua Achebe — that until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.

We Will Lead Africa is organized as a global network, founded by the co-editors of the first collection, Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, Sarah Owusu and Judith Okonkwo.

It is our dream that, as Africans, we tell and share our stories wherever and whenever we gather. It is our desire to activate the natural will and skill of Africans as storytellers. It is our goal to shine a light on the many ways that we are taking purposeful action for a prosperous continent. We Will Lead Africa ensures our stories are told and valued, and that our voices are heard and shared.

Together, We Will Lead Africa will form a community that shares a vision of leadership with integrity and in service of the collective on and off the continent. This leadership and action is already happening throughout the countries and communities we call home; everyday African leaders are bringing to life the full potential of continent. 

Why stories? Stories are a core part of any change and transformation – they expand our spirits, awaken possibilities and encourage new ways of being. It is our hope that through our work, the stories we tell will inspire, galvanise and connect the groundswell of leaders we need for the future.

The main ways that you can get involved include:

  1. Convene We Will Lead Africa networks in your local communities
  2. Curate a We Will Lead Africa collection or contribute to one
  3. Join or sponsor a We Will Lead Africa Griot Masterclass (see here)
  4. Connect us to press or partnership opportunities to further our mission

For more information, see below and contact us at:

Twitter: @WillLeadAfrica

Instagram: @wewillleadafrica

Facebook: @WeWillLeadAfrica

We hope that you will join us.