Submissions: A GRIOT Volume

Continue showing up and developing the story so generations will hear of life stories…By truth and authenticity and by being more, we pass the baton to generations coming…Offering a space of belonging, beloving and becoming, to love and to live, to be bold, and strong…

We Will Lead Africa GRIOT Masterclass Cohort 2021.

Calling all everyday African leaders…

What work are you doing for the progress of Africa and African descendant peoples on and off the African continent?

Are you passionate about sharing and inspiring everyday African leadership through storytelling?

We want to hear your story and share it in our upcoming We Will Lead Africa, Volume Three: A Griot Volume.

We see the primary identity of all who join the We Will Lead Africa movement as Griots – capturing and preserving our leadership stories to inspire continued action toward building a more prosperous Africa. We take seriously the great proverb popularized by Chinua Achebe — that until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. We believe in the power of storytelling, an inherent part of African culture, as a powerful tool for imagining, sparking and driving progress. And as a way to inspire and shape the futures we want.

Our Griot volume will include co-editors who are members of the 2021 Griot Masterclass Series as well as We Will Lead Africa Editors Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, Judith Okonkwo, Sarah Owusu and Chenge Maruziva.

The theme for this volume is: Belonging, Beloving, Becoming. We welcome your stories that integrate these themes as well.

Submissions Deadline is November 6, 2021.

This call, this opportunity, is for you.

Join #WeWillLeadAfrica. Tell your story of action, change and transformation.

See submissions criteria for details and submission form.