Front Page

The principles and ethos of We Will Lead Africa[1] are to center everyday African leaders who model the following:

We: Collaborative and accountable leaders, taking unified action.

Will: The leadership WILL, grit and courage to do something, anything, now and for the future, demonstrated through action-oriented and aspirational leadership.

Lead: Everyday leaders, motivated by service, in every sector, including emerging leaders from marginalised groups. Leaders with a deep authenticity and integrity in their leadership. They focus on a values-driven path in their industry, even when it is challenging.

Africa: A focus on a prosperous continent, where divides are bridged and leaders work across boundaries and borders to achieve a broader success.

We are pleased to have collaborated with Collateral Benefits on a Perspective Paper: Voices of African Leaders! If you can interested in telling your African Leadership story in one of our volumes, see our open call for submissions here.

[1] Gilpin-Jackson, Y. (2016). African Leadership: Now and for the Future, in Quist-Adade and Royal (Eds.), Re-engaging the African Diasporas: Pan-Africanism in the Age of Globalization. Cambridge Scholars